senna dress

Senna Dress Pattern Testing

Well, hi there. I hope to get to know you over time. I am excited to join the online conversation about sewing! Let’s start with a short introduction: My name is Megan, I live in the Seattle suburbs and I am learning to sew.

Lindsay was kind enough to let me pattern test for her even though I didn’t have a blog yet. Thanks Lindsay! I enjoyed pattern testing. I love working with knits and this body hugging number was a nice surprise. I cut a size 12 in the chest, graded to a 14 at the waist and back to a 12 at the hip. I was cautiously optimistic about how the Senna Dress would treat my lovely lady curves. I am fairly comfortable with my body, with one exception- my belly.  I dress to minimize this jiggly bit. How did the Senna Dress work?

Senna Dress Front

That shoeless styling is about as real as it gets. I don’t always wear makeup and I rarely wear shoes indoors.

Senna Dress Side

Construction of this bad boy was a breeze. I made sure to use a jersey twin needle. That thing rocks! We are best friends now. I swear! We are going to play racquetball in the morning. The ruching is such a perfect little hiding place for my stomach. I still felt a touch self conscious about it though. That scoop neck? Perfection. My first foray into pattern manipulation will be trying to make the crop top into a hip length t-shirt. Most of the time I wear a scoop neck it is either too low in front and/or too wide and my bra straps show.

Senna Dress Back

I tried adding lipstick in PicMonkey. Not a great choice. I just got a little carried away.