Quilted Burda Retro Top 07/2013

boxy burda top 1

I love a good boxy top. I have been following the Wardrobe Architect series and have discovered that boxy tops and skinny jeans are one of my main silhouettes. Seriously, how did I not notice this before? I guess that is part of what I like about the W.A. series so much- it makes you more intentional about what you put on your body and in your closet.

Enter the Burda Retro Top 07/2013. I came across this pattern while browsing the Project pages on the Burda Style website. It has a few nice little details that make it more special than a regular t-shirt. There are back darts and a sweet little peek-a-boo opening in the back (yeah, I don’t know what that’s called).

This is my first Burda pattern. I cut a size 44 and made it with no alterations. I’ll probably add 1″ in length next time. I am 5’9″ and it is just a bit shorter than I like. I went all out and finished the hem, sleeves and facings by hand. It was pleasant to finish it slowly and really savor the process. That is not my M.O.

130_technical_largeboxy burda top 3


I used a yummy black quilted synthetic fabric from Fabric.com. It was only $6/yd so I bought an embarrassing amount. Upside- it is cozy and super easy to work with and care for. Downside- it pills and collects lint like nobody’s business. I have so much left that I think I will make track pants and a Linden sweatshirt with it. I’ll probably still have enough left to make some stuff for the kiddos too.

I am thinking of using a black and white upholstery fabric for my next boxy top. Maybe too stiff?



  1. Oh, I looove boxy tops! I am currently looking for a good pattern. If I would do paper patterns I would go for that Burda one, but I am to lazy to trace-lol it looks really good!


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