Simplicity 6230 and Self Drafted Skirt- aka Goodbye Summer Outfit

Simplicity 6230

Simplicity 6230

I am showing you all a summer make since everything I have made in the past few weeks has ended up in the trash. What the heck? Sometimes learning to sew makes me crazy. It is about the process at this point though, right?

I found this striped yellow and white cotton sweater loose weave sweater knit at It was on clearance and I love sweater knitsbut can’t stand to wear wool, cashmere or acrylic- it makes me itchy. So this cotton yardage a no brainer! I decided to give Simplicity 6230 a try. Raglans have always been a favorite and I have seen many great versions of this one. I paired it with a self drafted skirt that is SUPER simple. I used this pretty floral (that has already faded badly) from Girl Charlee and serged it and a white single knit lining to a 2″ waistband. That is pretty much the whole story there. I made 3 of these to wear over the summer and they were great to travel with, as comfy as can be and even, dare I say, cute.

Conclusion- the skirt is a hit. I don’t think it can handle very many more washes though. The sweater was a decent first try at this pattern. I have made a couple of better versions since.

One comment

  1. cute! and AWESOME print mixing! you know, you might want to keep a box of those things destined for the trash…. i’ve repurposed so many older makes i’ve lost count. in fact i just used a skirt i made last year for the exposed binding on my last jacket.

    then you get more mileage out of the things you learned on! 🙂


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